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Headache Treatment Hendersonville, NC

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? You may have bruxism.

Also known as teeth grinding, bruxism is a condition that occurs unconsciously. Clenching and grinding your teeth is a very common dental concern, especially if you are experiencing high levels of stress. However, if bruxism is left untreated it can damage your teeth and alignment.

At Orchard Hills Dental in Hendersonville, NC, Dr. Jessica Christy offers treatment options to eliminate headaches as well as the other symptoms that accompany bruxism.

Headaches treatment in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Headaches, Bruxism, and TMJ

Grinding your teeth puts a strain on the large muscles of your jaw, causing them to tense up. If you ignore the problem, these muscles can wind tighter and tighter, exacerbating your problems. High levels of a jaw muscle strain can eventually push your jaw out of alignment and become temporomandibular joint disorders or TMJ.

Disorders of the jaw joints and can manifest in chronic headaches, earaches, jaw or neck pain, and even muscle spasms.

Common symptoms that accompany TMJ headaches may include:

  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Sore jaw or jaw pain
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Limited mobility in the jaw, locking jaw
  • Popping noise in the jaw joint
  • Pressure in the ear or earaches

Treating Headaches in Hendersonville

For many patients, the best course of treatment is a night mouthguard. This is a simple but effective solution that prevents the teeth from grinding against each other. This both protects the teeth from damage, and relieves tension, allowing the jaw to rest. By wearing this oral appliance every night, or even in stressful situations, patients can enjoy immediate relief of their headaches and migraines.

Contact your dentist in Hendersonville, NC for comprehensive analysis and treatment for TMJ issues. Call us at (828) 247-7001 or request an appointment online today.