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Orchard Hill Dental is a Hendersonville, North Carolina dental office that offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dental solutions for patients of all ages. Dr. Christy has taken over the practice from Dr. Richards and is looking forward to getting to know his loyal patients, offering the same style of personalized care for their needs. Dr. Jessica Christy is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is proud to serve her patients with the utmost care.

Dr. Christy and her experienced dental team aim to provide patients with results that will support their long-term dental health. They bring years of experience and continue to build their dental knowledge base. If you have any questions or concerns about the transition of your care with Dr. Christy please feel free to contact our office or read our Letter to Patients.

When you become a patient at our dental office, you receive detailed-oriented dental care. Our goal is to improve not only the health of teeth and gums but the health of your whole body. During your first visit to our Hendersonville office, our dentists will provide digital dental x-rays if needed and screenings for dental problems including periodontitis and oral cancer. We consider ourselves a partner in your healthcare and strive to support not only the stability of your smile but overall health and wellness.

Orchard Hill Dental is a dentist in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Senior-Friendly Dental Care

As we grow older, we can become more prone to dental issues including darkened tooth enamel, periodontitis, and other problems. At Orchard Hill Dental, we care about patients of all ages and provide solutions that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Some of the treatment options we offer to older patients include:

Our Technology

Digital technology has not only transformed the field of dentistry but also has enabled our dental care team to offer the best possible patient experience and more predictable results. Our dental team prides itself on providing modern, high-quality care to patients in the Hendersonville, NC area. Learn more about the technology used in our office below.

CBCT Scanner

A dental CBCT x-ray allows our dentists to detect and diagnose dental problems. With this cone-shaped scanner, we can view the teeth, gums, jaw, nerves, and sinuses. As opposed to traditional x-rays, a CBCT scan is more in-depth and can show a wider range of detailed areas of the mouth. With this detailed scan, our dentists are better able to detect problems and find effective solutions.

Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner is a convenient, handheld device that is used to take high-resolution digital impressions as opposed to messy traditional dental impressions. Using the scanner, our dentists are able to see a 3-D image of your teeth and gums. They can manipulate this image to view it from every angle to see the alignment of the bite as well as any gaps between teeth.

Soft-Tissue Laser

This type of laser is ideal in dental treatments for contouring the gums and providing gum disease therapy. The soft-tissue laser is able to seal nerve endings and blood vessels, which means procedures utilizing the laser are more comfortable and promote healing.

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