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Dental Bridge Hendersonville, NC

Dr. Jessica Christy and her team at Orchard Hill Dental in Hendersonville, North Carolina provide restorative dental treatment with dental bridges. This treatment option is best for patients with one or more missing teeth, especially consecutive missing teeth.

If you would like to request a consultation with your dentist in Hendersonville, NC or a member of her dental team to receive a dental bridge, call (828) 247-7001, or schedule an appointment online.

Dental Bridges in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can offer multiple benefits to patients with missing teeth. This restoration:

  • Helps to support any remaining tooth structure
  • Restores the ability to bite and chew evenly
  • Prevents teeth from shifting
  • Maintains a patient’s face shape

Treatment with Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be removable or secured with dental implants. Secured dental bridges provide more stability and last longer than removable dental bridges. Before treatment, Dr. Christy will perform an examination of the teeth and gums. They will work with you to create a comprehensive, personalized plan for the placement of the dental bridge.

If there are any natural teeth adjacent to tooth gaps, they can be shaped to ensure that they can properly support the bridge. Dental impressions will be made of teeth so your dental bridge is a custom-fit. Dental bridges usually consist of a metal framework that is covered by porcelain to improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile. When complete, we will ensure that the dental bridge fits properly before it is attached with adhesive cement.

Dental Bridge FAQs

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about dental bridges below:

Is the dental bridge procedure painful?

No, the dental bridge procedure is not painful. Your dentist will numb your teeth with local anesthesia during the procedure.

How do you care for a dental bridge?

You should remove and clean a removable dental bridge twice a day. If you choose a dental bridge that secures dental implants, you can maintain it like regular, natural teeth.

How long is the dental bridge procedure?

The dental bridge procedure usually takes an hour to an hour and a half over two office visits. For bridges that the implants will secure, your dentist will prepare the implants for crowns on the first visit. The dentist will add the dental bridge during the second procedure.

How long does a dental bridge last?

Dental restorations such as dental bridges require proper care to maintain them and extend their longevity. Proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure good oral health. With proper maintenance, a dental bridge can last up to a decade or even longer. In some cases, it may need replacement sooner due to wear and tear or decay.

Can a dentist remove dental bridges?

Yes, dentists can remove dental bridges. Depending on the type of bridge, the dentist may need to use a drill or other tools to break down the cement that holds the bridge in place. After removing the dental bridge, your dentist will examine the underlying tooth structure for any damage that may have occurred during removal. If necessary, your dentist can repair or replace the dental bridge after removing the previous one.

How long does it take for a dental bridge to settle?

Typically, a dental bridge will take about two weeks to settle. During this time, the patient may experience discomfort and sensitivity as the gums adjust to the new structure. To help with pain or discomfort, a dentist may recommend over-the-counter pain medications, including readily available options such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.