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COVID-19 : Letter To Our Patients

Our decision to open or close is a simple one; is it safe for our staff and patients? I will keep my oath. Primum non nocere…first do no harm.

My decision is a complicated one. Closing can do harm, just as being open can. I will revisit it every day.

Dental problems rapidly progress in severity and pain and often lead to dangerous infection if left untreated. They must be dealt with even under less-than-ideal circumstances, not totally unlike what I was trained for in the military. I will do my part to keep dental patients out of the hospital. I am committed to the health of my patients and my community.

I am dedicated to flattening the curve. Orchard Hill Dental has taken many extra measures to reduce the chance of spread in the office. My patients and staff won’t touch a door handle or share a pen. There are no chairs in the waiting room; patients will be escorted to their treatment room without delay. Treatment rooms, as always, are thoroughly disinfected between each patient. I have always taken robust measures to protect my staff and patients from the spread of any illness, including those even worse than Covid-19. I will continue to improve my protocols over the coming weeks and months.

I am also fully committed to the importance of self-quarantine for both those who have been exposed and those who are vulnerable. All patients will be screened before being allowed in the office. All staff are screened every morning.

I will keep the office phones and emergency line operational throughout the crisis.  Teledentistry is coming online on Friday, 3/20. 

Teledentistry allows you to video chat with one of our staff to determine your dental needs and create a unique course of action for your appointment.

My policies will evolve along with the situation as additional information becomes available. 

 For the most current information, call the office at (828) 696-3337.  A call is how to begin your teledentistry consult.