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Treating Your Discolored Teeth

There are many reasons that teeth become discolored, including age and diet. Discolored teeth may make you want to hide your smile when you should be showing it off. Luckily, there are multiple options for treatment. Dr. Jessica Christy of Orchard Hill Dental, a dentist in Hendersonville, NC, discusses the options available at our office.dentist in hendersonville, north carolina

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking into getting whiter teeth at your dentist’s office, professional teeth whitening is normally what comes to mind. Professional whitening has many benefits compared to over the counter options. Drugstore whitening products often result in splotchy, uneven results. Sensitivity can also develop in soft tissue if the ill-fitting whitening solution comes into contact with the gums.

At our office, we have two options for whitening. First, we offer Zoom! teeth whitening. To start, we apply Liquidam to protect your soft tissue from sensitivity. The whitening gel is applied to your teeth, using a special light to activate the hydrogen peroxide to penetrate the enamel. This process can be repeated multiple times until you get the shade you’re happy with.

If your teeth have brown or yellow stains, QuickPro whitening may be the better option for you. You can have same-day results in as little as ten minutes in our office. Both a whitening and fluoride varnish are applied to your teeth. A layer of hydrogen peroxide and sealer are applied as well. This varnish is almost invisible and you can go about your day as normal. Wait until it’s been on 30 minutes to remove it or to eat, drink, or smoke.

Porcelain Veneers

Not all discoloration can be removed using traditional whitening methods. Porcelain veneers can offer a suitable solution for stains caused by things like genetics or medication. Veneers are made of a thin shell of dental ceramic that covers the front and sides of the tooth. This material is designed to be durable and stain-resistant for a solution that lasts.

To get veneers, some of your tooth structure is first removed. We want to make sure the veneers lay flat and flush with the rest of your teeth. Impressions are taken to get the veneers custom-made for your smile. When they’re ready, we’ll fit them to your teeth to make sure they’re perfect. If you’re satisfied, they’ll be permanently bonded to your teeth.

Dental Bonding

If you’re looking for an economical solution and aren’t ready for a permanent one, dental bonding may be the best choice for you. The bonding material can be matched to the shade of white you pick. It’s malleable and can help to eliminate cosmetic chips while it’s whitening your teeth as well.

First, a minimal amount of tooth structure is removed. We want to make sure the bonding material adheres to the tooth. The composite resin is molded to the shape of your tooth. When you’re happy with how it looks, the material is cured and hardened. It’s then polished to match the sheen of natural teeth.

Whitening Teeth at Your Hendersonville, North Carolina Dentist

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