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Treating Missing Teeth in Hendersonville

Patients need to replace their missing teeth as soon as possible. Even one single missing tooth can impact the health of the whole smile. Missing teeth can create an uneven bite, leading to bite disorders and difficulty eating or speaking. The gaps in the smile can also accumulate bacteria that infect the teeth and gums. Dr. Jessica Christy and her team at Orchard Hill Dental offer treatments for missing teeth in Hendersonville, NC. Our team collaborates with patients individually to determine the right restorative solution for their current oral health needs.

Missing Teeth in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Options for Missing Teeth in Hendersonville

There are a variety of restorative options for patients with one or more lost permanent teeth:

Dental Implants

A single dental implant is made of a titanium screw, attaching abutment, and a dental crown. An oral surgeon places the titanium screw into the jawbone during the implant process. Once the implant heals, it creates a stable foundation for a tooth crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implant posts last for decades with the right care and ensure that bridges or dentures last longer. Once patients are accustomed to their implant or implant restoration, they may even forget that they arent their natural teeth! Implants look and feel natural because they are covered by dental crowns made of porcelain ceramic material. Our team color-matches crowns to blend in with teeth’ natural shape and shade.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge restores one or more consecutive lost teeth. Bridges fill in the gap left by multiple teeth to create a fuller smile. Traditional dental bridges require prepared teeth on either side of a tooth gap for support. An alternative to a bridge can be a single implant if patients only have one missing tooth. Single implants do not require preparation for any adjacent natural teeth. A dental bridge may replace as many as four consecutive missing teeth. We recommend dental implants or implant-secured dental bridges over traditional bridges. Implants create support beneath the gums and jawbone.


If you have rows or full arches of missing teeth, dentures may be the right restoration for you. Partial dentures replace rows of missing teeth, while full or complete dentures may restore arches of lost teeth. Traditional dentures are false teeth placed on top of the gums. Typically, traditional dentures use adhesives to stay in the mouth. However, patients with traditional detnures may only be able to eat softer foods as their false teeth do not afford them the proper support. Implant-secured dentures do not need to be removed and restore full bite function to patients.

Restore Your Missing Teeth Today

Do you need to restore the complete form and function of your smile? Are you interested in implants or implant restorations? Request a dental consultation with the team at Orchard Hill Dental online today. If you are a new patient, please call (828) 247-7001. Current patients can call us at (828) 696-3337. Please let our team know if you have any questions about your treatment options and we will be happy to help.