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3 Common Types of Dentures

Dentures can be an effective restorative treatment for patients with missing teeth. Tooth replacement solutions can help restore eating and speaking abilities and enhance your smile. There are several types of dentures that could help you depending on your oral health status. The dentists at Orchard Hill Dental in Hendersonville, NC describe three common types of dentures.dentures hendersonville nc

Partial dentures

Dental patients missing several teeth in a row can benefit from partial dentures. These devices are similar to a bridge in that they feature prosthetic teeth that replace multiple teeth in the same area. The prosthetic teeth attach to an acrylic base. These are secured to surrounding natural teeth with a metal framework. The device can be removed for cleaning and convenience. Wearing partial dentures can prevent remaining teeth from shifting or overcrowding. This way, you can better take care of these teeth and your overall oral health.

Full dentures

Full dentures replace a full arch of teeth. You can wear them on the top or bottom row of teeth or both at the same time. These devices are also removable, though they can be worn for most of the day. Full dentures can restore speech patterns and retain the natural look and feel of a full set of teeth. They can also support facial muscles to prevent the appearance of sagging in your face that can occur when teeth are lost. These can be worn while eating, so patients can effectively chew the foods that they enjoy. You should rinse your dentures after eating to remove trapped food particles.

Implant dentures

Implant-secured dentures are a permanent tooth replacement solution. With this treatment, a dentist places titanium posts in the jawbone. They will then bond prosthetic teeth securely to these posts for an enduring restorative treatment. You will be able to speak and eat normally with implanted dentures. You can also preserve the jawbone after tooth loss with implants and regenerate bone that may have already deteriorated. Your dentist can evaluate the health of your jaw to determine if implants can be an effective solution for you.

Dentures and more in Hendersonville, NC

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