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Is Tooth Sensitivity a Dental Emergency?

If you notice a jolt of pain while eating ice cream, you could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. This condition can be excruciating and can be a major disruption to your daily life.

Tooth pain is not normal and should be addressed by a dentist promptly. Dr. Jessica Christy, a dentist in Hendersonville, NC, describes how emergency dentistry can treat your tooth sensitivity.

emergency dentist appointment in Hendersonville North Carolina

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel, the outer layer of your tooth, thins or weakens and exposes dentin in the interior of your tooth. Dentin contains nerves that send pain signals to your brain when stimulated, usually by a hot or cold item in the mouth.

Enamel can wear away for a number of reasons, including brushing teeth too roughly or tooth decay. Once enamel deteriorates, it cannot grow back, so if you notice tooth sensitivity, this will require treatment from a dental professional.

Should I Schedule an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

Tooth pain can signify a larger oral health problem, and the severity of the symptoms can mean you need an emergency dental appointment. If you experience tooth sensitivity, you should visit your dentist for an exam to determine the cause of this pain.

Depending on where the pain comes from, your dentist may have several recommendations to treat your tooth sensitivity. You can find the best treatment option for your unique dental needs during a consultation with your dentist.

What Treatment Should I Expect?

If enamel is thin with no other dental work required, your dentist can recommend a sensitivity-treating toothpaste. You can find this at a local shop. This specified toothpaste contains a compound that blocks nerve endings in dentin to stop tooth pain.

Cavities can also cause tooth sensitivity and should be treated promptly with a dental filling. In this procedure, your dentist will clear away tooth decay and fill the hole it created with a resin to protect your tooth.

More extensive cases of tooth decay might require a dental crown to be placed over the tooth. Your dentist will scrape away decay as well as some enamel to make room for the crown and then place the ceramic cap over the affected tooth, sealing it into place with dental bonding. The dental crown replaces lost enamel and alleviates pain from tooth sensitivity.

Emergency Dentistry Available in Hendersonville, NC

Orchard Hill Dental offers preventative care and emergency dentistry for patients in Hendersonville, NC. Dr. Christy specializes in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 828.247.7001.